Tenants at Honiton flats complex to be given added incentive to recycle

Tenants in a council-run apartment complex in Honiton are to be given an added incentive to recycle – a new bin store.

The development at Custance House, in Queen Street, was given the green light by planners this week and will lead to the loss of parking spaces.

It will comprise a general bin store as well as shelving for individual recycling boxes.

Planning considerations included loss of parking provision and the impact on the character and appearance of the area.

Some ‘suitably worded’ signs are likely to encourage residents in the four-storey complex to recycle more.

An environmental health officer has suggested signs that state: “Recycle and help the environment. Please ensure you select the appropriate bin.

“Please also think about other local residents – avoid depositing waste late at night or early in the morning.”

The bin store is to be constructed at the rear of the complex where ‘public views of it would be largely screened by the existing buildings’.

Described by planners as ‘small in scale’ it will be finished in timber cladding to soften its appearance.

Two parking spaces will be lost to accommodate the development. The bin store will be constructed on a site currently used for parking in the rear southwest corner of the site. One space will be used to house the bin store and another will be kept clear for access.

The application was submitted by East Devon District Council and received unanimous support from Honiton Town Council. It was granted delegated planning approval.

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