Multi-generational tea dance for visitors will create ‘virtual Seaton’

Seaton and Me, part of the Forget-Me-Not project run by Action East Devon, is hosting a multi-generational tea dance for visitors.

The event aims to help visitors reminisce and share stories about Seaton, from a recent day trip to the resort to living or working there. It is also open to those who have visited relatives in the town or memories of family holidays in Seaton. Open to people of all ages, it offers an opportunity to share stories and enjoy a day at the seaside.

The tea dance will be held at Seaton Jurassic and will include ballroom dancing demonstrations as well as an open session, face painting, a pop-up seaside, and a cream tea. There will also be live music and vintage pick-n-mix sweets.

A spokesperson for Action East Devon said: “If you or anyone you know lived, worked or holidayed in Seaton, these stories will help us to build up an archive that can then be shared with care homes to help people living with dementia.

“It will create a ‘virtual Seaton’ for those who are no longer able to visit, but hold memories of the town. It will also help people to reminisce and remember their own life events and visits to the town.”

The event is taking place on August 22 from 3.30pm to 7.30pm.

Action East Devon works with over 6,500 individuals and over 500 community and voluntary groups each year through projects and services.

It provides support for individuals through a range of health and wellbeing services.

The Project supports young people with mental health issues and their parents and carers. Action East Devon’s Carer support service through Devon Carers provides holistic support to adult carers. C4C (Counselling for Carers) give carers the opportunity to access counselling across Devon. Services for older people with additional health and social care needs include the Forget Me Not Reminiscence and Life Story Service.


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