If the fatberg interested you, fancy a tour of Sidmouth’s wastewater treatment works?

A monster fatberg blocking a large sewer in Sidmouth turned people’s attentions to waste and how it is disposed of. South West Water is now inviting the public to visit the town’s wastewater treatment works to see for themselves.

Longer than six back-to-back double-decker buses and 64 metres in length, the fatberg was the biggest discovered in the water company’s history. It is thought to be one of the largest found so close to the sea, taking 36 tanker loads to remove the debris, each containing 3,000 gallons.

During an open day on September 13, tours of the treatment works will run from 10am to 1pm.

Less than two decades ago, raw sewage in the coastal town was still being discharged straight into the sea.

It is now treated to the ‘highest possible standards’ – and the water company is inviting you to see how everything works.

Sidmouth has benefited from a £12 million “Clean Sweep” programme to deliver ‘top-quality bathing waters and beaches’.

South West Water says: “The works at Sidmouth was built following a considerable amount of consultation with local residents and was the preferred site for environmental and technical reasons. The location and design of the buildings together with new tree planting has helped minimise the impact of the works within the existing landscape.”

For more information about the open day and booking details, click here

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