Good Samaritan thanked after harrowing end to search for missing Ralphie

A pet owner who made a heartfelt plea on social media for people in Ottery St Mary not to feed her cat later discovered he had been found dead.

Sam Gaston thought 18-month-old Ralphie had just wandered off in the warm summer sunshine. She feared other people may be feeding him, preventing him from coming home.

But every pet owner’s worst nightmare came true when it transpired that someone had reported finding a deceased cat to vets in the town, who collected him and informed Sam.

Heartbroken Sam, who had owned Ralphie since he was six weeks old, says she is extremely grateful to the person who took the time to pick up a phone.

In a message to the unknown good Samaritan, Sam told East Devon “A huge thank you for taking the time to report an injured cat, whether they be deceased or not it’s still always better for the owners to know.”

Ralphie was one of Ottery’s young characters.

Sam said: “He was well-known in Mill Street as he would make himself at home wherever he was. Usually annoying the neighbours of an afternoon.”

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