Sidmouth Folk Festival introduces reusable pint cups in bid to stop 30,000 pieces of single-use plastic ending up in the rubbish

Reusable pint cups have been introduced at Sidmouth Folk Festival in a bid to prevent 30,000 pieces of single-use plastic ending up in the rubbish.

The environmentally-friendly move is seeing residents and visitors asked to spend £1 on one of the special items at the event’s official bars – or bring their own.

Organisers have invested in 10,000 of the ‘Souvenir Cups’ and will not serve up any pints in single-use plastics until every one has been sold.

The scheme applies to festival bars at The Ham, Bulverton and Blackmore Gardens.

“You will not be able to buy your first pint drink without paying the £1 – unless you have a pint tankard or CE-marked reusable cup – and we will not be serving in single-use pint plastics unless we sell out of the 10,000 reusable ones,” said a Sidmouth Folk Festival spokesperson.

“If that happens, next year we’ll get even more!

“If we get through all of them, we will save 30,000-plus single-use plastic pint drink cups ending up in the rubbish.”

The Ham Marquee at Sidmouth Folk Festival.

The Ham Marquee at Sidmouth Folk Festival.

The reusable cups are dishwasher safe and can even be donated back to the festival via designated donation tubes if residents and visitors do not wish to keep them.

Funds raised from the sale of the Souvenir Cups will be reinvested into the festival’s environmental development.

“This is just one of a number of initiatives we are working on to reduce the Festival’s environmental impact and we want to work on more,” added the spokesperson.

“Next year we would like to be able to eradicate all single-use plastics at our festival bars and get pubs and bars on board with the reusable cups.”

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