Brutal former pimp jailed for stalking wife in Exeter

A brutal Romanian stalked his wife from his homeland prison cell before coming to the UK to track her down.
Ion Raduca had forced his wife Sylvia to work as a prostitute along with other women and spent their earnings of gambling.
The 34 year old was jailed in France in 2013 for procuring prostitutes and in 2016 he was jailed in Romania for five years for the attempted murder of a man.
Yesterday (Tuesday) at Exeter Crown Court he was jailed for four and a half years after he admitted stalking his wife between last October while still in jail and January this year when he was arrested in Exeter, Devon.
Judge Paul Cook said:”Before your release you had started to commit this offence.
“Throughout the relationship he treated her with contempt, brutality and controlled her and made her work as a prostitute in France and Romania.”
The court heard Sylvia came to the UK to find legitimate work and sent money home for their four year old daughter who was living with Raduca’s mother in Romania.
The court heard Raduca threatened and abused his estranged wife and also threatened to commit a serious sexual offence against the daughter of one of her friends after he tracked her down via social media.
The judge was told Sylvia was so scared of his threats to kill her if she did not return to him that she did not return home for her own father’s funeral.
Judge Cook said he bombarded her with ‘repellent, abusive and disturbing’ messages which were ‘intense and sinister’.
He said:”You saw your wife as property to use as you decide.”
He said Raduca used ‘violence to enforce loyalty’ and he was ‘brutal and manipulative’ as was evidenced by his ‘exploitation of women’ adding he had ‘an utter disregard of women’s rights’.
The judge said Raduca used ’emotional and sexual violence to submit to you’.
He made an extended sentence of two years to make a total sentence of 6.5 years and made a lifetime restraining order.
The court heard Raduca may be deported before the end of his sentence is served.
Prosecutor Kelly Scrivener said Raduca and Sylvia had been in a relationship for nine years and had one daughter.
She said Raduca repeatedly beat his wife and sent her to work as a prostitute and he spent her earnings on gambling.
She said he was ‘both physically and sexually violent’ and he prevented her having contact with their daughter and threatened to kill his wife.
Barrister Richard Crabb, defending, said his client denied any coercive behaviour towards her and said the insults were ‘two-way traffic’.

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