Sidmouth charity shop told it can’t have 2ft advertising board on pavement – because of heath and safety concerns

A charity has been told it can’t place an advertising board outside its Sidmouth shop – over fears the item would be a health and safety hazard.

Save the Children had to seek planning permission to site the 2.6ft by 1.6ft sign on the pavement next to its outlet in Church Street.

The application was rejected over concerns the board would obstruct the footway for disabled people and force pedestrians out into the road.

Sidmouth Town Council’s planning committee decided on the proposal for Penrhyn House.

Members felt the advert would ‘cause an obstruction to the highway because the pavement was not wide enough for the advert and disabled people to pass’.

The also felt ‘the advert could cause a health and safety problem with people having to walk on the road’.

Devon County Council’s Highways department objected to the bid ‘as the board would obstruct the highway’.

Save the Children has been helping youngsters around the world and protecting them from harm for a century.

Sidmouth Church Street

Sidmouth Town Council expressed concern the signage would not leave enough room on the pavement in Church Street for people to pass.

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