‘Sick to death’ of litter and dog poo comment prompts reminder over Honiton beauty spot

A Honiton beauty spot is being spoiled by litter louts and inconsiderate dog owners, regular users have complained – and East Devon District Council has been quick to issue a reminder to offenders.

Remnants of ‘roll your own’ cigarettes, as well as drink cans and bottles, have been dumped next to the first two public benches at the Glen, it is claimed. And dog mess is reportedly not being picked up by pet owners.

“I am getting sick to death of the amount of rubbish being left around the first two benches,” a local resident posted online.

He was annoyed that litter louts are disrespecting Honiton’s hidden gem – even though visitors have to pass a rubbish bin on their way out of the beauty spot. Poop scoop bins are also provided.

The Glen and nearby Ducks Path have historically been a hot spot for dogs’ mess in Honiton. A decade ago Ducks Path had so many poop scoop bags thrown into undergrowth it was described as the only place in the world where dog poo grows on trees.

The man issued a plea to dog owners via Facebook: “Could the dog walkers who fail to pick up their dog mess change their bad habits and in the future pick it up?”

Local residents, who regularly use the Glen, told East Devon News.co.uk they voluntarily pick up litter they find left around the benches.

East Devon District Council says its StreetScene team is not aware of any problems in the Glen.

However, the council has issued a warning to remind all users to treat the beauty spot with respect.

A spokesperson said: “We’d  like to remind everyone who visits our parks and green spaces to use the bins provided and to make sure they are picking up after their pets to help us keep these areas outstanding.”

Dog owners who do not pick up after their pets can be issued with an on the spot fine

The government has published guidance on how to report dog fouling and says: “The local council must keep public areas like parks, playgrounds and pavements clear of dog mess.”

It refers to the Environmental Protection Act (1990), Litter (Animal Droppings) Order 1991 and the Anti-social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014,

You can report dog fouling to East Devon District Council here.

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