Speed limit set to be reduced on A3052 between Sidmouth and Newton Poppleford

The speed limit on the busy A3052 between Sidmouth and Newton Poppleford is set to be reduced to 40mph.

County councillors have supported the move at Four Elms Hill – as well as extending the ‘no overtaking’ zone along part of the road.

Slashing the speed limit by 20mph was approved by members of the East Devon Highways and Traffic Orders Committee (HATOC) yesterday (Thursday, July 18).

The reduction will apply to a 950-metre stretch of road at Four Elms Hill between the Bowd and Newton Poppleford.

Double white line markings will be amended, indicating areas where overtaking is prohibited.

The committee also requested that officers investigate the possibility of introducing speed roundels and high-friction surfacing.

There were four recorded collisions that resulted in injury within the area currently subject to national speed limit on Four Elms Hill between January 2014 and January 2019.

Devon County Council (DCC) says recent data shows that the majority of motorists are driving at an appropriate speed – with 27.5mph the average speed uphill and 38.3mph downhill.

Councillor Stuart Hughes, chairman of East Devon HATOC and DCC’s cabinet member for highways management, said: “While most drivers are driving within the speed limit, the committee recognises that speeding remains a concern to local people who live near or on that stretch of road.
“That’s why we are looking to extend the existing 40mph speed limit from the Bowd to the boundary of Newton Poppleford and investigating the feasibility of introducing speed roundels and high friction surfacing.”

The recommendations to change the speed limit will be advertised in a Traffic Regulation Order and an audit will be carried out before the road markings can be changed.

For cars, ‘national speed limit’ means a limit of 60mph on single carriageway roads and 70mph on dual carriageways and motorways.

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