Council wants to go ahead with parking charges at The Beehive

Honiton Town Council has issued a statement to say it intends to go ahead with the re-introduction of parking charges at The Beehive. However, it says, it does so ‘only after much consideration and debate’.

The charges will apply during the day and evening, but Sunday parking will be free. Disabled parking at the Dowell Street car park will also be free to those displaying a valid blue badge.

The statement, from town clerk Mark Tredwin, says: “Over the next five to six years there are likely to be costs linked to the car park of between £40-50,000 irrespective of if charging is introduced or not. These costs are linked to resurfacing, line marking, grounds maintenance and rates.

“These are not insubstantial costs. In recognising that there is demand for the car park from local homeowner,s the intention is to allow Honiton residents to purchase a permit for £40. This works out at less than £1 per week.

“It is also the intention to have a 15 minute grace period to allow people to drop off and pick up without the need to buy a ticket.”

The statement further adds: “Honiton Community Complex will be issued with a number of free permits to assist the volunteers with the invaluable work that they do.

“At a time when the council is coming under increasing pressure to declare a climate emergency, any steps that encourage people to walk or to car share should be welcomed.

“The council is actively looking to encourage people to visit the town and sadly inconsiderate parking has meant that coaches have not been able to access the coach parking in recent times. The policing of the car park is essential to prevent this from happening.”

Mr Tredwin said in the statement that the council intends to recommence charging for parking ‘in the near future’.

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