Business Secretary speaks out over no-deal Brexit job losses

Business Secretary Greg Clark has issued one of the strongest warnings to date about the threat to jobs in the event of a no-deal Brexit.

Many in the business sector fear his comments could amount to Project Reality.

Mr Clark has today said “many thousands of jobs” will be lost if the UK leaves the European Union without a deal.

He was speaking at a time when both Conservative Party leadership candidates have not ruled out leaving with no deal.

When asked by Sky News today exactly how many jobs are at stake, Mr Clark replied: “It’s many thousands of jobs. Everyone knows that.”

He told reporters: “I think that every person who considers the evidence that companies have given, whether it’s in the automotive sector, whether it’s in the food sector, whether it’s in aerospace, whether it’s in industries up and down the country.

“You know, if you become less efficient and your ability to trade is impeded then, of course, losing your competitiveness means that there will be jobs that will be lost.”

Mr Clark is urging Conservative MPs to do all they can to prevent a no deal.

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