Fears police cuts will impact hate crimes

Cuts to policing could impact response times and detection rates in relation to hate crimes. That is the fear of Honiton Town Council.

It has extended its “best wishes” to local businessman Joynul Islam following a recent unprovoked attack.

A statement issued by town clerk Mark Tredwin said: “It is with great concern and dismay that members of the town council learnt of the unprovoked assault on Mr Joynul Islam and his business partner.

“The behaviour and attack has caused great dismay for members and they would like to wish all who were subjected to this their best wishes.”

Mr Tredwin pointed out that hate crimes are not commonplace in Honiton.

He said: “Fortunately, this behaviour is rare in Honiton and it is hoped that it does not occur again for a very long time.

“The council is concerned greatly that recent cuts in policing in Honiton may mean that this type of crime takes longer to react to and also solve.”

The assault was widely discussed on social media before being reported in the press.

Devon and Cornwall Police operates a zero tolerance policy towards hate crimes. Further information about hate crime and how to report it is available here.

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