Quick-thinking fire crews avert barn blaze

Overheating bales in a barn were removed and monitored by Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service to prevent a fire.

The potential blaze was averted – thanks to the use of a specialist thermometer, carried by the service’s Incident Support Unit.

The hazard, first reported at 9.30pm last night (July 6), involved the attendance of two fire crews, a water carrier, a telehandler, and specialists.

A fire service spokesperson said: “On arrival crews confirmed that the incident involved an open-sided barn, measuring approximately 20 metres by 25 metres and containing approximately 100 large bales.

“Although the bales were not on fire, they were showing signs of overheating which could eventually cause a fire.”

The spokesperson added: “A thermometer probe was used to ascertain the temperature within the stack of bales and, with the use of the telehandler, crews got to work removing the bales from the barn whilst using two jets to cool hot spots.

“After several hours, all bales had been removed and were being allowed to cool outside. The temperature was checked and was shown to be decreasing.”

A fire crew was scheduled to return this morning to check the bales remained cooled.

The incident happened at a farm near Bow. The fire service did not say whether the bales were hay or straw.

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