Volunteer inspectors wanted for rights of way network

Can you help maintain the rights of way network in Honiton? 

Volunteers are being sought by the town council as part of its commitment to the Parish Paths Partnership Scheme.

Working in association with Devon County Council, the scheme aims to ensure rights of way are well-publicised as well as looked after.

The council said in a statement: “The scheme is designed to encourage community involvement and the enjoyment of public rights of way.

“Devon County Council is working in partnership with parish/town councils, landowners and local voluntary groups with the aim of improving the condition of the local rights of way and keeping them open and used properly.”

Volunteers would join the P3 Working Group and undertake footpath inspections in liaison with the deputy town clerk, Heloise Marlow.

A report of inspection findings will be sent to the county council by February 2020.

The first inspection is likely to take place in the coming weeks. If you want to help keep Honiton’s footpaths in good condition, volunteer by contacting the deputy town clerk on 01404 42957 or email deputyclerk@honiton.gov.uk

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