Reservoir warning after man’s death

South West Water has issued a safety warning after a man died in a reservoir.

“Reservoirs are beautiful – but can also be dangerous,” is the message it is sending local residents and holidaymakers.

The water authority, together with the South West Lakes Trust, is appealing for people visiting reservoirs and lakes in the region to keep themselves safe.

The warning comes after a man died at a reservoir in Staffordshire. It is understood he entered the water to help a girl.

A South West Water spokesperson said: “We work closely with South West Lakes Trust to make our reservoirs accessible and pleasant for people to visit. However, we would remind visitors that these are operational sites with hidden dangers.

“Every summer, we remind people not to swim in our reservoirs because there are no lifeguarding facilities, they are very deep – often with steep sides – and can be extremely cold.

“Dams are tall, steep structures and in some cases access to the bottom in an emergency would be challenging.

“Each year we receive reports of abseiling and even tombstoning at our reservoirs. These activities are also extremely dangerous and we would urge anyone who sees this sort of activity taking place to contact our 24-hour helpline on 0344 346 2020.”

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