Who Am I? exhibition a multi-sensory delight

After its well-received exhibition celebrating everything to do with paper, the Thelma Hulbert Gallery in Honiton is this week launching Who Am I?

The new exhibition of self-portraits, being staged in the gallery’s upstairs Project Space, will feature a completely new collection of works created by local adults with learning difficulties.

Arts-for-health charity Magic Carpet has been an important feature of the town’s community for many years and has benefited countless individuals, families and the wider town. It has a base in Exeter but works with adults from across the district.

Who Am I? exhibition participants have created portraits using a variety of media. They have drawn inspiration from drama, photography and drawing during group workshops.

Magic Carpet aims to challenge preconceptions about individuals with learning difficulties. At the same time it offers opportunities for individuals and groups to showcase their work.

The self-portraits on display in Who Am I? will tell each individual’s story.

The highlight their personality, quirks and interests, and really focus on what makes them unique and amazing.

This exhibition is all-inclusive. With the help of photography and touchable multi-media work, which will include both written and spoken words, visitors will be able to experience the multi-sensory art.

Running from June 26 to July 27, the exhibition is open Tuesday to Saturday from 10am to 5pm.


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