Exeter recycling survey reveals residents want glass and food waste collections

Recycling residents in Exeter want to see glass and food waste collections, a survey of nearly 2,000 people has revealed.

Kerbside pick-ups of the two types of rubbish are top of the wish-list according to Exeter City Council.

Almost 500 people said they wanted to see recycling collections on a weekly basis.

Of the additional materials householders wanted to see collected from home, food waste (70 per cent of respondents) and glass (86 per cent) were the most popular options.

Tetra Paks/cartons also figured highly.

Councillor David Harvey, lead for environment and city management, thanked everyone for taking part in the survey and said: “It’s clear to me how passionate people feel about recycling in Exeter. It is perhaps a sign of our times that people are thinking about the environment.

“I’m grateful for all this valuable feedback and we will certainly be looking more closely at some of the issues raised over the summer with a view to improving recycling in Exeter.”

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