Sea safety signs at Exmouth Marina are a gift

Exmouth Marina staff, residents and the RNLI back new sailor sea safety signs

New signs championing sea safety at Exmouth Marina are a tribute from a RNLI volunteer to an avid sailor.
Dave Littlefield, Exmouth RNLI community safety officer, funded four signs in memory of his parents-in-law to highlight sea safety and the RNLI’s Respect the Water campaign.
The new signs, on the marina swing bridge, were backed by Exmouth Marina staff and residents; they carry the RNLI logo, remind sailors to wear a lifejacket, kill cord and suitable clothing.
Dave said: “I wanted to give local boat users a gift in memoriam of Lee and Colin Warren.
“Lee was an avid sailor and I thought it would be fitting to remember them this way. “This is a great example of the community getting in touch with us to help prevent loss of lives at sea.”
Ian Coupe, marina resident and National Coastwatch Institution volunteer, said:
‘The RNLI logo is widely recognisable and we wanted to make sailors think twice about being prepared before they left the marina.
“Having means of communication, an appropriate lifejacket, kill cord – depending on the boat – and suitable clothing for the conditions, is something every water user should check before setting off.”

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