Tech firm leads the way for women

Less than a quarter of UK company board members are women. But not at one of the country’s leading tech companies. Ecommerce developer Comgem has an all-female board – with the exception of co-founder and technical director Paul Attard. He is outnumbered four to one.

The board was restructured earlier this year to push forward ambitious growth plans. Comgem says its female board members have the necessary skills, vision and market insights to deliver the company’s objectives over the next five years.

Multi award-winning Comgem has broken the mould at a time when women are largely under-represented on the boards of tech firms. In Britain, female representation falls significantly below targets set by the government.

Policymakers wanted to see women make up of 25 per cent of all boards by 2015. It is currently hovering around the 22 per cent mark.

Dani Attard, co-founder and commercial director at Comgem, said: “Comgem has always been committed to doing things differently in business, and the make-up of our board is no different. Our board possesses a wealth of varied knowledge and skills that will positively drive Comgem forward and allow us to achieve our ambitious five-year plan and grow us to the next level.

“We are seeing more female representation in the technology and software sectors – although more needs to be done to encourage young females to enter this vibrant and exciting sector, which is rapidly becoming the foundation of modern life.”

Dani is joined on the board by financial director Bev Boden, marketing director Rebecca Miller and Christine Geer, client service implementation director.

Paul says being surrounded by women with decision-making powers should be the norm – if those females are as committed and talented as the ones at Comgem.

Currently, less than a third of the UK’s leading businesses have three or more women on their board, according to Directory for Social Change figures for 2017. And just four per cent have an equal number of men and women on their boards. Comgem is leading the charge for women in director roles and says it has shaped its business to reflect the need for diversity, innovation and knowledge.

Comgem is the developer behind Gemsuite, the market-leading cloud-based B2B ecommerce platform.

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