Customer engagement and your business

Passion is an under-used word in business. You may be passionate about your products and services, but do your customers know it?

Customer engagement can hinge on your ability to enthuse an audience. Being emotive about your East Devon brand can actually bring you closer to your target market. Repeat customers are often loyal because they respond to what you believe in.

In fact, they are more likely to buy from you in the first place if they identify with your core values.

If your business wants to boost customer engagement, you don’t have to reduce prices to stand out from the crowd. Clear marketing that shares your passion will really connect with your audience. This is especially important in the B2B sphere, where ‘emotive’ is rarely a buzzword. But it should be.

The customer engagement stats that matter

A recent Gallup survey found the level of customer engagement is low among many of the UK’s B2B enterprises. This is bad news for growth because poor engagement will impact customer retention. The survey results revealed that just 22 per cent of B2B customers are engaged. A mere 13 per cent are ‘fully engaged’.

At, we’ve got some top tips to help you better connect with your audience and increase customer engagement. While some of our bite-size hacks outline the benefits of advanced tech, you can implement the same types of improvements in more traditional ways.

Think differently about engagement

Not all customers make purchasing decisions based on price. Consider how you can make buyers more emotionally attached to your products or services. Think about:

  • Building trust in your brand through reviews and testimonials
  • Sharing your brand’s story
  • Personalising marketing – including email marketing and customised website experiences
  • Introducing a loyalty scheme
  • Offering customers more product variations and the chance to customise products
  • How you can mitigate any negatives that have previously impacted your reputation

Building emotional attachment

Making your audience feel emotionally attached to your products or East Devon services is key to growing engagement. Having a clearly defined set of core values that will appeal to your target market and boost trust is important. You can develop an ethos that reflects what you do and helps customers to empathise with your brand.

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